Flight Instruction in Cirrus SR-20/22 

Going beyond the Basics through exceptional Flight and Simulator Instruction to make YOU a better and safer pilot


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Staying Current in your Cirrus

With Blue Sky Aviation's Staying Current in your Cirrus Program we'll take your logbook in review and make sure never have to worry about staying legally current in IFR conditions.  Those six approaches, holding and tracking of VOR's will be only the beginning.  Blue Sky Aviation's goal is to build your instrument proficiency to a level that you have never experienced before. This program is an annual training program designed to keep instrument rated pilots legally current and instrument proficient.

Course Details
• Our CSIP instructors will desipher the training that is required to bring the client up to the standards of flying the Cirrus aircraft under IFR conditions by assessing their proficiency.  We'll make sure that the client is legal to act as PIC under IFR, and review and develop personal minimums. 

• During the year, regularly scheduled training sessions will be scheduled to keep you legally current and instrument proficient while working towards the objective of lowering personal minimums, practicing challenging approaches and increasing your situational awareness.

• Includes a flight review per 61.56 every year if desired or whenever your flight review is due.

• All CFI costs are included in the program cost, however aircraft rental or use of their own aircraft to accomplish the flight portion of a flight review or IPC if required is not.

    Cost $1,695.00  Based on 2 hour simulator sessions (6 hours in the simulator total with CSIP instructor) 


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