Flight Instruction in Cirrus SR-20/22 

Going beyond the Basics through exceptional Flight and Simulator Instruction to make YOU a better and safer pilot


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Customized Training / Hourly Rates

SimTrain Simulator Customized Training

At Blue Sky Aviation, we realize that some of our clients require specialized needs that may not be in our sylabus.  We will build to suit the needs of our clients through customizing learning objectives that are particular to the clients desires. This can include a mixture of emergency procedures, advanced instrument training, Partner in Command, class room Aircraft General Knowledge Review or any other subject pertaining to Cirrus flying.  Your highly qualified CSIP will be guiding you through all the ground and simulator sessions.

Cost  $695    Half Day   2.5 hours simulator/2 hours ground instruction

Cost  $995    Full day    4.0 hours simulator/3 hours ground instruction

SimTrain Simulator Hourly Rates

While our programs are designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs, we realize some pilots are interested in customized training experiences or simply wish to use the simulator on an hourly basis to maintain instrument currency or work on specific procedures. We are happy to work with you to set up training on an hourly basis.

Cost   $150 per hour     Use your own instructor and operator of simulator

Cost   $225 per hour
     Includes CSIP instruction, simulator and operator

SimTrain Simulator Block Hour Purchase Rates

You would like to improve your instrument skills but break the simulator time in blocks of time with a CSIP and operator.   Purchase in blocks of 5 hours starting with 10 hours and use the time throughout the year.  This program can be used to maintain proficiency in your instrument flying or to practice both advanced instrument training and emergency training in next to real world full motion simulation.  On the average, 6 to 8 approaches to full stop or missed approach can be easily accomplished in the simulator. 


Includes SimTrain Simulator,  CSIP instructor and operater: hours can be broken into blocks of time.

Cost  $1995.00    10 hour 

Cost  $2775.00    15 hour
Cost  $3400.00    20 hour

Cost  $3995.00    25 hour

Cirrus SR-20/22 Ground or Flight Instruction

Cost  $75.00        per hour

Cost  $350.00      half day

Cost  $600.00      per day

Cirrus SR-20/22 Systems Review (Avidyne, Perspective, Turbo)

Cost  $200.00      2.5 hours of Instruction (Groups of 2 or more welcome; each additional person $50.00)

Cirrus SR-20/22 Partners in Command

Emergency procedure training for the "right seater" in the Cirrus.  Academics and simulator training on proper knowledge and procedures if the Pilot-in-Command is not responding.  Perfect for wife's, girl friends or co-workers that are not pilots in proper Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) procedures. Class includes .5 hour of academics and 30 minutes in the full motion simulator with numerous CAPS activations. Included in half day or full day of simulator training. 
Cost  $150.00

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