Flight Instruction in Cirrus SR-20/22 

Going beyond the Basics through exceptional Flight and Simulator Instruction to make YOU a better and safer pilot


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Transition Training

This program is for pilots making the switch from one type of aircraft into the Cirrus SR-20/22.


Ground Training

4 hours of class room Ground Training. Adapted from the UND Transition Training Syllabus, the upgrading Pilot will be trained at the SimTrain facilities in Kennesaw, Georgia using the traditional one-on-one instruction that will cover all the Cirrus General Knowledge, Systems Knowledge, Emergency Procedures, Garmin-Avidyne/Entegra, Standard 6-Pack or Perspective interface, checklist philosphy, and proper instrument procedures. Training will consist of task based and scenario-based formats. Training allows for building block approach developing necessary skills at the pace of the client. Blue Sky will introduce the newest concepts, discuss and set clients personal goals pertaining to Cirrus flying and evaluate performance.

Simulator Training

6 hours in the Full Motion Simulator that introduce avionics, aircraft systems, flying IFR in TAA aircraft in realistic conditions, scenario-based cross-country training and full complement of Emergency Procedures. More hours may be required in the simulator depending on clients performance or desires. Hourly rates will apply after initial 6 hours.

Flight Training

Utilized for maneuver based training, scenario-based cross-country training, and all takeoff and landing operations. Final flight examination will also be conducted in the aircraft.  Aircraft Flight Training accomplished in clients aircraft at his expense.  Flight and Evaluation training included in total price.

Cost $1,995     Includes 4 hours ground instruction, 6 hours Simulator and 4 hours Flight Instruction.  Cost of training can increase depending on clients performance.

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